Material base

Department has 5 laboratories equipped with modern equipment: «Chemical engineering», «New polymeric materials», «Petrochemistry», «High-Tech products of hydrocarbon raw materials processing and chemmotology», organized within the framework of the SPIID-2, Resource center, organized by the Department by company «Fluor» (England).


To carry out research works master and doctoral students use following modern devices and equipment of leading foreign firms:

Spectrophotometer SPEKOL 2000 («Analytik Jena AG» (Germany),

Reactor to study the kinetics of reactions («Armfield», (England),

Equipment for the studying of traffic flows in pipelines («Armfield» (England),

The absorption column («Armfield» (England),

Fluidization reactor («Armfield» (England),

Automatic titrator Titrando 905 ("Metrohm" (Switzerland).

Binocular microscope Micros 100 MCX (Austria),

Analyzer for salt content in crude oil (НЕRZOG SC 960),

A catalytic reactor ("Edibon"(Spain),

Liquid extractor ("Edibon"(Spain),

Installation of continuous distillation company ("Edibon"(Spain).


Since 2016,  virtual installations programs start running "Hydrotreating" and "Atmospheric vacuum pipe heater" (Honeywell) used in oil refineries of Kazakhstan.

Calculation and design works are done with the application of modeling programs "Aspen Hysys", "ChemCad", "MathLab".