Research work

The main scientific areas of department:

- Development of a progressive technology for the production of new techniques and their application technology for the integrated preparation and transportation of highly paraffinic oils;

- Physical and chemical bases of radiation and chemical modification of polyolefins, as well as their technogenic wastes for the production of prospective materials for various functional purposes;

- Development of scientific and technological approaches for the production of new functionalized oligomeric and polymeric materials for the preparation of hydrocarbon raw materials to transportation and refining;

- The formation of an scientifically based approach to the processes of creation of specific for highly viscous and highly solidifying oils - polymeric and composite depressant additives, and inhibitors of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits;

- Scientific bases for production of chemical systems for the oil production and transportation industry; 

- Development of technology for integrated wastewater treatment from oil and petroleum products with provision of water recycling;

- The fundamental bases of creation of nano catalysts for conversion processes of n-alkanes and aromatic hydrocarbons;

- Experimental researches of efficiency of application of physico-chemical methods for enhancing oil recovery of the productive reservoir;

- Conducting experimental laboratory researches and pilot testing of method of thermal and chemical effect by activated alloys on oil production objects of JSC "Embamunaigas";

In 2014 - 2015 at department, total amount of financing of SRW reached 85000,0 mln. tg (including 75000 mln. tg. of contractual work).